The Influence Opinions Engagement Process efficiently gets our team up-to-speed on your issue, gives clarity to your cause, and ensures everyone is on the same page and aimed toward the same objectives. We’ve found it often reveals additional goals and new depths of understanding for our clients.

Phase 1 – Discovery

The Influence Opinions discovery session is a meeting of up to 15 of your key decision makers to deep-dive into the details of the campaign – our goals, targets, metrics, and timeframe – and decide how we will measure success.

Together, we will:

  • walk through key issues and current positioning, including history and terms;
  • identify your audiences, stakeholders, decision makers, allies, and opponents;
  • outline the goals that will be supported by this communications campaign;
  • clarify key positive and negative messaging; and
  • define potential wins, including dates, milestones, and objectives that will measure progress.

Phase 2 – Research

The Influence Opinions research process is a comprehensive exploration of the environment around your issue, designed to ensure we’re working with the best data for building a successful communications plan.

Our approach to research is dual-pronged:

  • Digital analysis: We conduct a customized examination of the digital landscape using our proprietary Digital Advance – scanning virtual and social media, blogs, websites, and search engines for the dialogues, terms, and tone happening around your issue.
  • Traditional research: When needed, we employ proven qualitative research methods – including online and interactive voice response (IVR) surveys, telephone polling, focus groups, and in-depth interviews (IDIs) – to gauge current sentiment and discover the best ways to sway it.

Phase 3 – Strategy

During the Influence Opinions strategy phase, we use the data gleaned through our research to create the communications strategy that will hit our goals. We recommend a timeline and address the bottom line.

Phase 4 – Execution

Influence Opinions works as a well-oiled campaign execution machine, either on our own or complementing your communications team’s efforts. We offer complete implementation capabilities, including:

  • websites, splash and landing pages, microsites, and blogs;
  • social media management;
  • search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) strategies and execution;
  • video production;
  • infographics, print materials, and direct mail;
  • proactive and reactive media relations;
  • community outreach and public involvement; and
  • event planning.