IO’s adding four top leaders and communicators to our already strong stable of experts. They are:

  • Steve Scheibal, a leading communicator on legislative, local and health-related issues and crises, who’s joining IO founder and CEO Elyse Yates as a principal in the firm.
  • Seth Oldmixon, a Washington DC communications veteran steeped in cutting-edge digital media strategy and tactics, coming on as a consultant.
  • Laurie Felker Jones, an expert on organizing and messaging initiatives supporting women’s initiatives, also joining the firm as a consultant.
  • And Angi Menell, a bastion of Austin’s tech ecosystem, is joining the firm’s Operations group.

That’s a thrilling infusion of experience and talent; these top-flight leaders will add a range of strategic and tactical assets and offerings for IO clients.

As communicators, we’re here to help clients achieve their goals and solve their problems. For 15 years, IO has been a leading problem-solving resource for public-sector agencies, non-profits, businesses, private-sector organizations and anyone else who require cutting-edge digital media, compelling storytelling, far-sighted strategy or more to overcome challenges and reach their goals.

Now, with the addition of this group of bold, creative collaborators, we’ll do even more to help our clients and partners stay ahead of a communications curve that’s constantly shifting.

May all your campaigns be wins!