The Texas Economy Conversation in Social Media

Every 90 days, Influence Opinions will examine and report on the traditional and social media landscape as it relates to the Texas economy. Using social and digital media tools to add depth to our understanding of the conversation around the Texas economy, we will look at: The overall level of conversation on social media, the sentiment […]

Insight Texas Report is now available!

Influence Opinions recently joined a collaboration with Baselice & Associates and TXP, Inc. to produce the first Insight Texas Report. The purpose of Insight Texas is to examine important public policy issues using statewide polling data, social media trends, and economic data. Insight Texas reports will be released each quarter and focus on a different topic. As part […]

#Txlege is Back in Session

As the 84th Texas Legislature gets underway, Influence Opinions will be doing a semi-regular analysis of how it is manifesting on social media. This report covers the time between opening day and Governor Abbott’s State of the State address, January 13 to February 17, 2015. With an increasingly Republican legislative body consisting of 15 percent […]

Part III: Can Social Media be Politically Predictive?

As predicted in Part II of the series “Can Social Media be Politically Predictive?” Dan Patrick’s high volume of mentions on Twitter had a nearly perfect correlation to his success in winning the majority of votes in the Republican runoff in Texas. Between the time frame of the initial primary vote and the runoff election, […]

Part II: Can Social Media be Politically Predictive?

Last week we published Part I of the series “Can Social Media Be Politically Predictive?” that showed a possible correlation between the number of Twitter mentions and total number of votes. Previously, we found a high correlation between Twitter mentions and votes in the primary election between Dan Patrick and David Dewhurst, with Patrick receiving […]

Can Social Media be Politically Predictive?

Social media data provide a veritable playground of questions for those of us who pay attention to politics and policy. Are there identifiable patterns of who wins and loses in how campaigns use social media? Can social media level the playing field for candidates who have less money than their opponents? How important is social […]

#TribLive with Dan Patrick

Yesterday I was able to attend a TribLive event with the always-witty Evan Smith from the Texas Tribune, and a frontrunner in the race for Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick. The first issue on the agenda was addressing the recent report that Sen. Patrick, a staunch pro-lifer, had invested in Plan-B emergency contraception with Teva Pharmaceuticals. […]

The Advocacy Gap & What That Means for Texas

At their most basic level, advocacy organizations exist to move key legislators or decision makers to have a favorable stance on specific issues. They use a number of different strategies and tactics they believe to be effective in achieving this goal. But how would these same legislators and decision makers rate our performance in engaging […]

White Paper: Online Landscape of Texas 83rd Legislature Special Session

“The Filibuster Heard ‘Round the World” was the result of a few opportune factors, that formed a perfect storm for the political story to go viral: a likeable Senator in Wendy Davis, a high profile issue in abortion and the availability of information on social media combined to allow millions of likeminded progressives to show […]