Marijuana: Erasing Lines in the Sand

By: Jarred Gammon Follow on Twitter: @jarredtgammon Setting the Stage for Marijuana in Texas: The Power of Public Opinion Going into the 84th Texas Legislature, Texas was one of 16 states that prohibited marijuana usage – either medically or recreationally. However, there was slightly more chatter this year around marijuana than in previous years because […]

Amplification & Mobilization – Keys to Winning the Online Debate

By: Julia Schulze When our opposition makes huge strides in the online court of public opinion, we often find ourselves asking, “What could I have done to prevent this?” The answer is almost always nothing. The rise of social media has given anyone and everyone a voice, and we can’t stop people from sharing their […]

Tracking the Twitter Reaction to SCOTUS Ruling in Favor of Marriage Equality

By: Jarred Gammon Follow on Twitter: @jarredtgammon The Supreme Court’s monumental ruling in favor of same-sex marriage set off a flurry of social media and traditional media traction on both sides of the issue. This blog post specifically focuses on the lifespan of the hashtag #lovewins. First, let me start by saying whoever developed the […]

#Txlege: The Official Hashtag of Texas

The 84th Texas legislative session will be remembered for a lot of things, from education to open carry, from gay rights to border security, from fracking to marijuana. In all, 11,335 bills were filed and 1,366 were passed. And in a session that included #txlege becoming the official hashtag of the Texas Legislature, we saw […]

#Txlege: The Unofficial Report on the Official Hashtag

It’s crunch time at the capitol and legislators are frantically trying to get their bills out of committee before it’s too late. Perhaps that’s why legislators tweeted a combined 9,700-plus times over the last month, and why the number of tweets containing #txlege was up more than 30 percent to nearly 67,000. Highlights in this […]

Insight Texas Q2 Report is now available!

Insight Texas, a collaboration with Influence Opinions, Baselice & Associates and TXP, Inc. has published its second quarterly analysis. The purpose of Insight Texas is to examine important public policy issues using statewide polling data, social media trends, and economic data. Insight Texas reports are released each quarter and focus on a different topic. In this edition we look at […]

#Txlege: Halfway Home

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve reached the midway point of the 84th Texas legislative session. And what a first half it’s been. More than 6,000 bills were filed in the session’s first 60 days – 4,114 in the House and 1,993 in the Senate – the most since at least the 81st legislative session […]

The Texas Economy Conversation in Social Media

Every 90 days, Influence Opinions will examine and report on the traditional and social media landscape as it relates to the Texas economy. Using social and digital media tools to add depth to our understanding of the conversation around the Texas economy, we will look at: The overall level of conversation on social media, the sentiment […]