Digital Advance is the culmination of Influence Opinions’ proprietary digital analysis tools. Our Digital Advance uses online data from social and traditional media to answer a series of core questions for each client, and adapt that information into virtual “maps” that layer together to provide an in-depth, multidimensional “lay of the land” around the issue at-hand. We examine social media, blogs, websites, search engines, and legacy media for valuable data that will serve as the foundation for your successful communications strategy. We search for and find actionable information that helps us identify and define:

  • decision makers and who influences them;
  • historical analysis and impactful events;
  • media positioning;
  • public sentiment;
  • existing and emerging trends;
  • topics, phrases, and buzzwords;
  • possible allies, opponents, and stakeholders;
  • your current communications visibility and gaps; and
  • potential opportunities, pitfalls, and threats.

Our Digital Advance deliverable is a tailor-made presentation of our findings – including graphs, wordclouds, aggregated information, and in-depth analysis – accompanied by strategic recommendations for how best to engage decision makers and their key influencers online, how to work the right online channels for maximum impact at minimum cost, and how to migrate the online conversation so that it’s visible to the right people.

“The Digital Advance presentation provided amazing ‘low-hanging fruit’ for us to immediately capitalize on. In fewer than 30 days, we’ve gained 10,000 new Twitter followers and experienced more than 20% Twitter growth.” – National 501(c)(3) Not-For-Profit Corporation –

How advanced is your digital game?

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