Influence Update is a real-time monitoring and analysis tool, developed and utilized exclusively by Influence Opinions. Our Influence Update collects and assesses news across a broad spectrum of online channels, to help you stay on top of digital media happenings, see historical and emerging trends, and predict potential problem situations.

Influence Update monitoring and analysis provides you with important information relevant to you, your organization or your issue, including:

  • who leads and influences the conversation around your issue;
  • what current conversation trends are, and what new trends are emerging;
  • what the sentiment is around your issue, how it has changed or is changing;
  • what news stories are gaining traction;
  • where discussions are occurring online;
  • what really applies to you or your organization; and
  • alerts and recommended actions, so you know when, where and how to respond.

Our Influence Update deliverable is a proprietary, password-protected dashboard, crafted daily just for you by an online monitoring team with public affairs expertise and the latest tracking tools. Weekly or monthly metrics reports are also available, and all updates and reports are automatically archived for future reference.

Online news is always happening – how do you keep up?

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