By: Jarred Gammon

As our recent TxLege report indicates, the role of digital communications in public affairs is ever increasing, presenting opportunities for digitally sophisticated groups and challenges for late adopters. More legislators are embracing digital media to communicate in innovative ways. Important policy conversations are unfolding in real time on social media. And digital advertising has become a top medium for educating constituents about policy initiatives.

While the mechanics of advocacy and lobbying are shifting to incorporate digital media, that does not undermine the importance of having an on the ground government relations team. In fact, there is a synergy between lobbying and digital strategy that requires integration and coordination to maximize total impact with legislators and staffers.


The Influence Opinions (IO) team has vast experience working with lobbyists, public and government relations teams, and legislative liaisons to support their efforts through digital and social media. We’ve mastered industry best practices to advance policy initiatives using digital media and online tools, and we’ve even developed some proprietary tools of our own to help lobby teams succeed.

We get it – the digital world is vast and moves at the speed of light. It can be difficult to monitor what happens at the Capitol and simultaneously track how those events unfold online, but it is critical for success. The IO team provides comprehensive support on all things digital so you and your clientele aren’t left behind.

IO also offers our proprietary Influence Update, an up-to-the-minute monitoring system to track developments around an issue, which provides recommended action and strategy with each report. Stay on top of digital media happenings, see historical and emerging trends, and predict potential problem situations before they arise.

By partnering with IO, lobby teams get access to digital experts, allowing digital strategies to compliment on the ground tactics seamlessly. Whether you represent associations, government entities, companies, or organizations, impress them by demonstrating your deep understanding of digital and social media to achieve their goals.

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