Influence Opinions offers three types of polling research:

Phone Polling

Phone polling – telephone surveys and interviews, as well as opinion polling – is a speedy and effective way to gather a significant amount of information from large, hard-to-reach groups. This quantitative research method works well when you want to conduct nuanced message testing, perform advanced statistical analysis, or when sensitive issues are involved; not being face-to-face helps respondents reply openly. Phone polling offers greater control over script sequence, and skilled interviewers can encourage respondents to give more in-depth answers to open-ended questions. Additionally, the sample selection can be randomized to represent a targeted “real-world” audience universe.

When Influence Opinions performs phone polling for you, we will:

  • develop research goals, participation qualifications, and interview script;
  • select sample size and demographics;
  • employ trained, experienced phone survey professionals;
  • provide initial high-level results quickly once interviews are completed; and
  • put together a much deeper analysis of results, including cross-tabulation.

Interactive Voice Response [IVR] Surveys

Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, surveys are a lower-cost, quicker-turnaround tactic designed to meet briefer, more targeted polling needs. This tactic uses a computer-based telephone system technology to have a recorded voice ask questions – typically fewer than 12, with answers given via the respondent’s telephone touchpad. While IVR surveys are not an appropriate technique for detailed message testing, they can be used to target particular audiences following a phone poll to learn more about the opinions of a specific demographic.

Online Polling

Online polling, while not a traditional research tool, is fast, affordable, and can work well for guiding initial direction, getting membership feedback, and testing some message and creative. This method can have substantial sampling limitations, but is a good choice for sensitive subjects – not being face-to-face helps respondents reply openly – or when you have a photo, video or audio message to include in the poll.

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