Influence Opinions has helped dozens of clients reach their public affair and legislative goals by growing their social media presence and getting their messages in front of decision makers. We’ve created a customized training to teach organizations how to do this on their own. Sign up for one of our half day sessions where you will work alongside likeminded organizations and learn how to apply our years of experience and expertise to your organization’s social media challenges.

You will receive customized research related to your organization and issue including:

  • Who your influencers are following on Twitter
  • People and organizations driving the conversation around your issue
  • Community and relationship mapping
  • Top hashtags used around your topic and by influencers
  • Specific list of influential Twitter handles to engage

Then you will learn to apply the research so your organization can:

  • Get the most out of your social media channels
  • Identify and connect with allies and opponents
  • Monitor your issue and brand online
  • Grow your echo chamber
  • Reach your target audiences
  • Perform message testing
  • Optimize Facebook and Twitter ads
  • Use hashtags effectively

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