At Influence Opinions, we work with cause-related organizations, public entities, associations, and corporations to create and execute an informed communications strategy that ultimately shifts the perspectives of key players in their favor. We’ve proven our value time and again working with diverse clientele representing a broad spectrum of complex industries, including energy, water, health care, education and transportation.

Lobbying & Government Affairs Firms

Hire a good lobbyist and policymakers will hear your message – but they will also be listening to their constituents. Government-affairs firms frequently engage Influence Opinions to ensure a comprehensive approach to message management – from coalition building to media training to online visibility – for their clients.

Nonprofit Organizations

In today’s world of fleeting attention spans, simply being a well-intentioned organization doing great work isn’t enough. To succeed, you must compete for that attention – and win. Influence Opinions helps nonprofits shape their brand, strengthen their presence, and tell their story to the right people in the right way to raise awareness – and more.

Government Agencies

It’s just the nature of the beast: Government entities are rarely at the cutting edge of current technology, even if it’s vital to their survival. Influence Opinions often works with public agencies to bring them up-to-speed in the digital universe, making sure they’re efficiently and effectively communicating key messages to target audiences.

Private-Sector Companies

Every client faces different challenges – which is why Influence Opinions offers the scope of experience and expertise to tackle them. We’ve led and managed dozens of national advocacy, marketing and media campaigns, social-media strategies, online promotions, brand establishments, product launches, crisis communications, and stakeholder-engagement efforts.

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